La Marea

La Marea

hay un refrán que dice

“pa’lante como el elefante”

pero no es para que te alivie con un calmante y tome lugar en lista de espera

arranca y siembra las semillas y forja lo illusionante


nunca te duermas

porque subirá la marea

y te moja los pies

y si llega a tragarte

y echarte pa’ lo ondo

ten en mente que todavía no es el fondo


-Salvador Martinez

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At the core exists his emptiness

Spineless unrest smothers him

All due to nature’s wavering obscurity

And stumped awareness of inherent security


Fear took charge and penetrated his inner skin

Seeped into his veins

Then settled in marrow

Only to become shallow


Now hostage to self loathe and pity

He finds no way home in the big city


Far from palms and salt air

He missed the signs that spelled beware

What lies ahead he has to bare

And for awhile the nightmare is all, h e’d share


As he walks, he looks down

And the pavement becomes his landscape

In it, he would escape

And wish it would seal his fate




With his journey now at stake

He knows home he can’t remake


And so he daydreams


Vivid images of platanos y yucca

Begin to form his mental palette


He salivates to thoughts of yaniqueque, tamarindo, cereza

Y la sonrisa, de Teresa!!


His world would change if only,

“un poquito”

De coco, zapote, chinola

Hay que rico!!

A Presidente, dressed in white,

Ay caray!!

He so misses his mai and his compay

His porch, 4 chairs, and his game table

Hollers of pin tin tin fill the air


oye loco, pasate con ficha!!

Ta trankao!!

No me  joda!!

He’s elated !!

Chills run down his spine,

He’s alive!!!


His skin begins to swell

As he reminisces to the quiver of the guira

Se engranoja, from thoughts of pambiche y mangulina




He climaxed and found solace

Home was closer than he thought

Home he carried with him

He’d found the secret of shedding light to his serenity

And within, he found

Su dios!!

Su patria!!

Su libertad!!

And saved,  his sanity

-Salvador Martinez



You’ve become a wicked ale to swallow

I like my brews nice and cold

And most of all bitter

But you’re just too sinister

You’re killing our brothers and sisters

You’re neglecting our cries

We must stutter

Or maybe our cries mumble

Because you don’t hear us

You forgot us

Laid us out to dry in the sun just to prune shrivel

You’ve managed to make it seem everything is in tune

Only to find out it’s only your tune

And at the same time

You’re conjuring hell’s rising

And your bag of tricks


For one, you mislead

You sell misery disguised as glory

Across our borders

And they eat it up

And when they come

Chopped meat they become

We’re grazing on scraps in the meantime

While chasing our next thrill on maps

Which you track

Instead of watching our back

If I could put you in a sleeper hold

I would

Maybe you’d reset

Your credo is

Bombs, money, power

Or is it

Money, bombs, power

The American dream died long ago

Exhausted by big egos

Big pockets,

They dropped the eight ball in the side pocket

While we weren’t looking

Distraction has so much sex appeal

They consumed our innocence

Eyes wide opened

And you,

America the free, enslaved us with mental chains

And never intended on letting us be

Creating an orphanage of destitute souls

Because his motherland gave her right tit to a chosen few to suckle

And when that wasn’t enough to satiate

She gave the left

And limb by limb we’re torn

Rule by fear

Divide and conquer

What year are we in!!

Disgraceful to call home, home

When home lends no shelter


We let her be

She, once a virgin

Full of promise

Full of hope

Full of all dreams come true

Now a prostitute to bulky business

No vaseline

She takes it clean as a whistle

-Salvador Martinez

I just want you to know that I’ve been thinking a lot about you.

I miss your smile and how it makes me smile.

I miss your tender kisses and your warm hands.

I’d love to embrace you right now but I can’t because you’re not here.

But it’s ok because I’m patient

and I wait

and so I let love simmer.

-Sal Martinez

My Dearest Ema

My dearest Ema,

I’ve shortened your name
but I won’t apologize

even in written form you still manage to make my skin quiver and raspy

Oh Ema,

how I long for your goodbye

I’ve dealt with your irritating subtleties much too long

meds keep me sane no more
and the smother of an omnipotent lover
none should ponder

your crimson inducing breaks, too unbearable,
would happen to me of all people

I’m the lucky one I guess

posed with this challenge
to live with an insatiable pest
who’s physical abuse is evidence of unrest

who’s unceasingly vile and hungry appetite
scorns till skin deep
only to regurgitate any sense of purity
leaving behind a slaughterhouse of pain
short of perverse
which might have soothed me


my mute agony would suffice no longer






all the while
I appreciate your candor
but I’m not impressed, never was actually

for when I pass
who will host your shenanigans

for my soul is immortal
and you know no soul

it was all for nothing

and so there comes a point
one is best off among enemies
because there are no gimmicks
because a snake is a snake is a snake
make no mistake

and now, with our relationship at stake
let me wake
with a clean slate
as if
you were gone

- by Sal Martinez


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