Turning Tides

Turning tides
When least expected
Cause for neglected awakening
Of matters true to soul’s core

Repetition in exhibition
Exhaling justification
For a role such as this
And sincere gratitude for living

All shapes take form
While form ceases to conform
Unpleasant sanctity
Adorns reality

Hopes of clouds clearing
Of cheers nearing
Of lows rising
And a calm worthy of flourishing


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Finds the Responsibility of Interest and Engagement in Noticing one’s Depth.


On wisdom

Wisdom is not a measure of intellect but rather a measure of common sense reinforced through action and experience.


Riches destroy the foolish, not those who seek the other shore.  The foolish destroy themselves and others by their thirst for riches.

-Shakyamuni Buddha

Let us live “NOW”

Let us leave aside anger, let us forsake pride, let us overcome all bondage!  No sufferings befall those who are not attached to name and form, and who call nothing their own.

-Shakyamuni Buddha


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