A Tyrant by Sal Martinez


finds ease in cutting corners

difficulty in shedding light in the dark

such a mortal’s combat is just


he thinks


no evils lurk in capacity

from heights beyond notice

because capacity is the just


he persuades


the sky screeches

the ground bellows

cries flat line and streams of pain mark the surface


for the wondering


the mortal calls it justice


and for the unjust


who finds ease on a mere strip

who sheds light in the midst of havoc

is a such a mortal’s combat not just?


one would think


can evil find shelter in this capacity

or call home stolen property

simply because


is unpersuasive


and when the sky whispers again

and the ground whimpers

laughter will fill the air

tears of joy will mark a blemished surface


for the wondering


such mortal calls this hope


-Sal Martinez

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Only to remember

Only to remember

ever since I could remember

an age of mind so tender

a complement to illusory surroundings

came to find out

the world of doubt

crippled from the neck up

hasty from the neck down

from crawl to flight

layover after layover

through time’s passing

no destination

no expiration

if and when?

then, why?

because, would be convoluted

until numb is eradicated

and this was future’s present moment

only to remember

-by Sal Martinez 

Defined by Choice

Defined by Choice

in the depths of pain

lies a sort of sane


entangled by strain

oblivious to gain

stirs one’s essence

in a tide’s surge

while reality will sure emerge

leading nowhere

or rather now here

to reap and cherish

the benefits of survival

because the depths contained

a choice for revival

-Sal Martinez

Turning Tides

Turning tides
When least expected
Cause for neglected awakening
Of matters true to soul’s core

Repetition in exhibition
Exhaling justification
For a role such as this
And sincere gratitude for living

All shapes take form
While form ceases to conform
Unpleasant sanctity
Adorns reality

Hopes of clouds clearing
Of cheers nearing
Of lows rising
And a calm worthy of flourishing



Finds the Responsibility of Interest and Engagement in Noticing one’s Depth.



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