Karmic Seizure

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Karmic Seizure

Setbacks in an abyss of sanctity

Bring forth a spirit of quality

Unmatched by the sharpness

of karma’s wicked sword.

Beneath the surface

No wind,

Nor air,

Nor light


There cries a pulse alien to a mass

Unable to wake


Sonorific tones from the depths of alaya

Sound off to amala


Each sense and it’s duty

To fulfill paths unknown





-Salvador Martinez

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 I don’t need you to hold my hand

Please understand

I walk, my walk

With an expectation

I see no right or wrong

Yet remain strong

For life will serve curveballs and sliders


I’m not tied into superficial

Yet, miracles take course

And arrive


But, I’m no fool

I bring, what needs to be brought

Carry in hand no empty cup

And sip

And wait

 -Salvador  Martinez



That which is in, flux

Many believe it, sets

In stone dated with, memories

Careless and predatory, inflicting

Repercussions to conclusions, spawned

By neglect with effects by way, of

Causes suspended, chased

With no lament branded by, content

Passive engagement bound then, pierced

Fearlessness escapes, truth’s

Unknown power, awakes

The sun, unmasking

Clouds’ purveyed distortion, swept

By winds employed, power

Induced by need for change, despite

Beliefs set in, stone

Crafted by chisel, uncovers


-Salvador Martinez

La Marea

La Marea

hay un refrán que dice

“pa’lante como el elefante”

pero no es para que te alivie con un calmante y tome lugar en lista de espera

arranca y siembra las semillas y forja lo illusionante


nunca te duermas

porque subirá la marea

y te moja los pies

y si llega a tragarte

y echarte pa’ lo ondo

ten en mente que todavía no es el fondo


-Salvador Martinez



At the core exists his emptiness

Spineless unrest smothers him

All due to nature’s wavering obscurity

And stumped awareness of inherent security


Fear took charge and penetrated his inner skin

Seeped into his veins

Then settled in marrow

Only to become shallow


Now hostage to self loathe and pity

He finds no way home in the big city


Far from palms and salt air

He missed the signs that spelled beware

What lies ahead he has to bare

And for awhile the nightmare is all, h e’d share


As he walks, he looks down

And the pavement becomes his landscape

In it, he would escape

And wish it would seal his fate




With his journey now at stake

He knows home he can’t remake


And so he daydreams


Vivid images of platanos y yucca

Begin to form his mental palette


He salivates to thoughts of yaniqueque, tamarindo, cereza

Y la sonrisa, de Teresa!!


His world would change if only,

“un poquito”

De coco, zapote, chinola

Hay que rico!!

A Presidente, dressed in white,

Ay caray!!

He so misses his mai and his compay

His porch, 4 chairs, and his game table

Hollers of pin tin tin fill the air


oye loco, pasate con ficha!!

Ta trankao!!

No me  joda!!

He’s elated !!

Chills run down his spine,

He’s alive!!!


His skin begins to swell

As he reminisces to the quiver of the guira

Se engranoja, from thoughts of pambiche y mangulina




He climaxed and found solace

Home was closer than he thought

Home he carried with him

He’d found the secret of shedding light to his serenity

And within, he found

Su dios!!

Su patria!!

Su libertad!!

And saved,  his sanity

-Salvador Martinez


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